What is Metalsmoke Design

Welcome to our specialized metal fabrication workshop, where craftsmanship meets innovation. We pride ourselves on transforming steel, iron, and aluminum into bespoke, enduring creations that align perfectly with your vision. Committed to excellence, we offer comprehensive services tailored to your needs.

Every project is meticulously crafted to order at our facility, ensuring that the result meets and exceeds your expectations. From durable industrial components to finely detailed furniture, we have the expertise to bring your ideas to life using the finest metals available.

Our capabilities extend beyond traditional metalwork. With advanced CNC plasma cutting technology, we can sculpt intricate shapes from materials up to 1/2" thick, granting your creations a level of precision that sets them apart. Our range includes professional painting and powder coating, enhancing aesthetics and durability.

We're not confined to our workshop – we are equipped to provide on-site repairs, welding, and rebar restoration. This means you can trust us to address any metal-related challenges you encounter swiftly, whether a railing or fence.

In addition to catering to individual needs, we partner seamlessly with industrial enterprises, facilitating production runs and fabricating essential components like compressor frames. Our repertoire also spans the artistic realm, as we specialize in crafting stunning custom railings in a blend of oak and metal and building pergolas that redefine outdoor spaces.

Whether it's a precise aluminum sheet weld, the creation of intricate CNC designs, or the construction of specialized jig tables, we bring expertise to every project we undertake. Our devotion to excellence extends to custom furniture, where we craft tables, chairs, and end tables that marry form and function seamlessly.

Discover a world of possibilities with our metal fabrication prowess. We're more than just a workshop; we're your partner in transforming raw materials into works of enduring artistry and utility. No project is too small, and no idea too ambitious – we invite you to bring your concepts to us, and together, we'll shape them in metal.